Men's Hair Coloring

Whether you’re starting to get more grey hair, or the natural look and color of your hair doesn’t match your personal style, 18|8 Westwood has the solution. Hair color change does not have to be drastic. Using the professional AVEDA color line, our hairstylists will help you decide if you just want to blend out some of those grays, tone down your existing color or completely change your look. If you’re not sure what color would work best with your style, please stop by our salon in Westwood at University Station and our stylists will help you achieve the look of a true modern gentleman.

Benefits of professional men’s hair coloring services from 18|8:
- Look younger and more vibrant, no matter what your age
- Freshen up your style with a new look
- Add shine, dimension, and character to your hair
- Achieve the illusion of fuller and thicker hair
- Age gracefully – blend those patches of white, silver or gray hair into the uniformed look of a silver fox
- Boost your confidence by looking your absolute best

Men's Grey Blending

Professional grey blending at 18|8 Westwood perfectly mixes your natural hair color with the grey in your hair, so you can make sure that people will only see as much grey as you want them to see. The coloring is semi-permanent; instead of just growing out, it gradually fades away to make your roots less noticeable. Under our guidance and expertise, we’ll give you the perfect blend of youth and wisdom. Typically lasts 4-6 weeks.

Permanent Hair Coloring

Get long-lasting hair color with our permanent hair coloring service. Consult with your stylists about what color would work best with your personal style and a specific price quote based on your current hair and desired outcome.


Adding subtle or even prominent highlights to your hair can create contrast for a unique and dynamic look. Our expert stylists can give you highlights to compliment your style perfectly, so you stay looking fresh and classy. If you’re not sure if highlights are right for you, please speak to one of our stylists to learn more about your options and what would work best for you.

Beard Coloring

Hair coloring is not just for the hairs on your head, add grey blending or permanent color to your beard! Beard coloring can help you not only look younger but help blend any patches to make your beard look thicker and fuller.

Chemical Relaxer Treatment

If your hair is just all over the place and out of control, a chemical relaxer can help bring much-needed order to the chaos. Our treatment is designed to make your hair completely “relax” from the roots down for a straighter and more controlled look. Our chemical relaxer is perfect for guys that want to get rid of natural curls for a sleeker look, or just have generally unruly hair that’s difficult to style. Call today to book with select stylist that specialize in this service.

Perm Treatment

Flat straight hair that needs volume or a little curl, a perm can help your hair gain the movement and volume you may need. Call today to book with select stylist that specialize in this service.

Botanical Treatment

Botanical Treatment strengthens the bonds in your hair to help prevent breakage, as well as enhance how long your hair color lasts.