Men's Waxing

That’s right it’s manscaping - while an over-abundance of hair on a guy used to be seen as a sign of manliness, things have shifted to the point where more and more men are getting their facial and body hair waxed. The new look of the modern gentleman is a clean, smooth body and no excess, out of control hair.

Men's Eyebrow Waxing

Men’s eyebrow waxing is all about cleaning up those brows for a natural look. If you have hairs that extend beyond your brow line or hairs congregating to form the beginnings of a unibrow - manscaping is a must. Let the 18|8 stylists help you create the look a clean, uniform brow look to those unruly eyebrows.

Nose or Ear Waxing

You want to ignore it - but having stray whiskers protruding from your nose and ears isn't doing you any favors. Instead of trying to fight it with a razor at home, leave it to the pros and let us get you cleaned up with a professional waxing service. This is the service that guarantees your wife, girlfriend, or partner will call to thank us.

Chest or Back Waxing

Vacation or beach trip coming up or you just hate all that hair- let the stylists help you to achieve that clean, hairless upper body look. In a private room, we can remove those unwanted chest or back hairs. Why consider waxing? Waxing makes hair grow back lighter and softer and doesn't cause razor burn, nicks, cuts, and any other irritation experienced with shaving.

Men's Waxing Westwood