Shaves & Beard Trims

A close straight razor shave is a unique and timeless experience that is befitting of a true gentleman. At 18|8 Men’s Salon we’ve reinvented the classic barbershop’s shave with modern techniques to ensure you receive the ultimate shave experience. Our expertly trained, professional barbers are ready to give you the closest and most precise shave around that will leave you looking great and feeling even better.

18|8 Classic Straight Razor Shave

Our signature experience uses a hot towel and facial steam to open the pores. Our barbers use shave gel or cream with hot lather with straightedge razor to transform your look with a precision shave or beard trim. The service includes a facial toner to remove the dirt and oils from your skin and adds shave oils and aftershave balm that will be sure to soothe your skin and create the ultimate clean fresh shaven look.

Executive Shave Package

Take your shaving experience to the next level with our shave package. This combines our classic straight razor shave with the signature of 18|8 Executive Haircut. Our barber will work with you to make sure you get the perfect haircut to match your personal style, along with the precise shave to give you an all-around look that’s on point. With the executive shave package, you’ll walk out of our salon feeling like a brand-new man.

Head Shave

Having style and class doesn’t always require having a head full of hair. A straight razor head shave will make sure that you look and feel completely smooth. It’s perfect for guys that prefer the shaved head style, or if they have thinning hair and want a more stylish look. Our precision head shave will be performed by one of our licensed barbers who will make sure that your head has the perfect shaved look.

Barber Beard Trim

The barber will combine a beard trim with the straight razor line-up. If you’re the kind of gentleman that rocks a beard or mustache, or even if you’re thinking about growing out some manly facial hair, it’s a lot of work to maintain it and make sure that it compliments your look, instead of just making you look messy. Our 18|8 barbers are here to help you keep your facial hair on point.

Beard Trims & Shave Westwood

Barber Beard & Cut Package

The 18|8 Classic Haircut is combined with the Barber Beard Trim. Our barbers will give you our signature precision haircut and ensure the look is completed by trimming your beard with a straight razor line up.

Classic Beard Trim

Looking for a just a classic beard trim? Our stylists are trained to clean up your beard to create to that overall well-groomed look and feel you need. Add a classic beard Trim to add any 18|8 haircut or service. *this services does not include straight razor shave

Straight Razor Shave
Beard Trims & Shave Westwood