Men's Face & Skin Treatments

Times have changed and the modern gentleman are stepping up their skincare routine, and for good reason. The skin on a man’s face is thicker and naturally produces more oil. Add in a regular shave routine that can cause irritation, and it’s clear that a man’s skincare needs are vastly different than women.

At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon, we help men customize a skincare routine that will work for them. Our stylists are specifically trained in men’s grooming, so they know exactly what the modern gentleman’s skin needs. Our goal is to combine the daily essentials that keep skin looking and feeling healthy, while minimizing that post-shave irritation. Whether you’re dealing with blackheads, acne, skin irritation from shaving, or just think you could go for a deep skin cleaning, our face and skin treatment will do the trick.

Aveda Signature Facials

Just like how 18|8 is a salon just for men, the 18|8 Aveda Signature Facial is just for men’s skin. Facials are done in our private skincare room, creating the ultimate relaxation experience that combines premium AVEDA skincare products and a neck, shoulder, and scalp massage that is sure to help you unwind.

The facial starts with a warm towel and a cleanser with deep pore treatment and facial toner, based on your skin type will be used to wash away the dirt and oils. With a clean face, our stylist will be able to analyze your skin and specific areas of your face to know exactly what kind of treatment will be best for your skin. The use of a facial steamer and exfoliation will help clear up your skin and prepare it to receive the vital nutrients that will be applied. This includes a high-performance facial serum with powerful vitamins and antioxidants to improve skin health and elasticity. Moisturizer is an essential final step to help seal in all of those nutrients from the serum, while also making sure that your skin retains moisture and stays smooth. Since stress can also have a negative effect on your skin, we ensure you’ll relax with a neck, shoulder, and scalp massage. We’ll make your face and skin feel completely revitalized.

Executive Facial Package

Enhance your Executive Haircut experience by adding an AVEDA signature facial. Your hair is looking great, so let us ensure your skin looks great too and feels even better.

Aveda Scalp Treatments

Healthy Hair starts with a healthy scalp. Our scalp treatment is designed to revitalize a damaged scalp and give your scalp all of the nutrients it needs. Our stylists will use a special blend of therapeutic AVEDA ingredients to massage, cleanse, and exfoliate your scalp. The treatment is designed to strengthen your hair and revitalize your hair follicles so that even dull hair will look shiny and healthy. Not to mention, the nutrients will help clear up any dandruff and alleviate itchiness or dryness. Afterwards you’ll feel completely rejuvenated with a healthy head of hair.

Aveda Express Scalp Treatments

A quick reconditioning service to repair your hair while enhancing your scalp’s microcirculation, helping to restore the hair’s healthy life cycle. A highly recommended add-on service with each haircut. Helps prevent and counteract hair loss.

The 18|8 Scalp Treatment Package

This packages takes our scalp treatment a step further by adding on the signature 18|8 Executive Haircut. Beyond the deep scalp massage and treatment, you’ll also enjoy a neck and shoulder massage to help you relax. Once we make sure you’re looking sharp with your new haircut, we finish everything off with a refreshing aromatic hot towel. If you want a good-looking head on your shoulders, the 18|8 scalp treatment package is for you. Enhance your experience even further by adding an executive grooming service to your handcrafted haircut to look and feel your absolute best. Choose from a relaxing and invigorating scalp massage, an executive hand detail, an anti-aging face treatment, or one of our other executive grooming services designed specifically for our male clientele. At 18|8 we are in the business of helping men feel better about themselves than they have ever felt before.

Executive Scalp Package

Enhance your Executive Haircut experience by adding an AVEDA scalp treatment. If you want a good-looking head on your shoulders, the 18|8 scalp treatment package will help ensure your hair and your scalp both look great and feel healthy.

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